Thursday, June 5


As you can see, I've had a little tidy up around here. I spend my working life blogging for others and decided I really should dedicate some time to my own small territory on the world wide web. It's like real estate really, isn't it, and currently the front of my house doesn't say very much about me. You'd think that all I do is knit!

I knit a lot, but not to the exclusion of all else. I have three children - of which more to come - none of whom have been easy for various reasons, although all are much loved. I have a good old man, although he pees me off mightily from time to time, and I have my much loved Floozie - who you will be glad to hear is not a woman of the night (I am not that way inclined) but a cat. A tom cat at that - only I didn't know he was a tom when he rolled on his back for me - hence the name!

Oh, and I suffer from a rather rare condition known as Behcet's Syndrome (I wouldn't have anything common - I have style!).

If you want to find out more about the Behcet's, just click. It's a rather interesting condition that I'm sure is probably underdiagnosed - so if you suffer from joint pain, ulcers and all manner of nasty symptoms, you might like to check it out.

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