Saturday, May 24


Blocked Swatch
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Blocked swatch of Large Rectangle with Diamond Patterned Centre from Victorian Lace Today.

Monday, May 19


before the frog got to it
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It will live to see another day though. This is my shawl for Joy, just hours before I tripped over the trailing yarn as I went to make a cuppa. It pulled the whole bloody thing out and I'm not ashamed to say that not only did I turn the air blue, I also cried.

Never mind, the next try will be even better!

Thursday, May 15


Shawl for Joy 1
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The first two pattern repeats of a shawl I'm knitting for my friend Joy. I think I might be in love - with the pattern and with the yarn.

The yarn came from Gill at the Woolly Workshop

It's Schaeffer Yarn Andrea in the Frida Kahlo colourway. It is 100% silk and was hideously expensive, but it was worth every penny - its just beautiful. I chose the colourway because I love the work of Kahlo. It was a good choice.

Tuesday, May 13


Pagan Spring
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I am overwhelmed by this yarn. It was dyed for my by Joy of The Knitting Goddess from my description of an English early spring morning.

I asked for something that would represent one of those mornings when the hollows are filled with mist and frost and the sun is so bright and low in the sky that you can't see to drive.

She has captured my vision perfectly; so perfectly, in fact, that it brought tears to my eyes.

It will be used for the mandala shawl that is celebrating Goddessknits 3rd anniversary.

Sunday, May 4


tigers eye stole first repeat
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Well, after lots of false starts, I have finally begun a 'proper' lace project! The pattern is for a scarf, but I'm doing 5 repeats to make it wide enough for a stole.

The yarn was bought from another Raveler and I haven't a clue what make it is. It's a Shetland lace-weight and, after all the really soft yarns I've been using recently, at first it felt rough on my hands but I've got used to it now and its brilliant.

I bought it for the GoddessKnits Lace Shawl Mystery KAL, which starts in June but, as I've got 300gms of it, I think I have more than enough!